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Improve moderation tools
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After talking to Zuckerluchs about the current state of moderation on Commishes, we've come to a decision to create a set of moderation tools that improve the quality of life of moderators and make it easier for them to deal with the issues of the site.

Here are a few notable gripes that the mods have with the current set-up:

  1. On the report page, the auctions page and the auction detail page there is no link to the page for the user.
  2. The system does not provide ban templates, alas a mechanism to select an offense for the user and having the system dis out an appropriate action.
  3. There's no administrative log. The administrative log should contain information about the activity the user (user-id, ip and location) generated on YCH.
  4. The site does not provide a quick way of checking which auctions where passed to Portfolio and which received a bonus from loot.
  5. Loot information is not available to admins from the report page

I'll be submitting this list for review and RFC to the members of the administration group of Commishes on Discord.

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Also, admins should have the ability to lock an auction from being edited.