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Remove google analytics from all Commishes properties
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Currently we use Google Analytics in order to make educated guesses on whether features we implement do provide a good level of engagement and affect the number of bids and interactions between users. While this data is not absolutely crucial, it helps developing Commishes in the right direction.

But Google Analytics is no longer allowed without a opt-in cookie dialog. In order to provide the same great customer experience (as in no unnerving cookie dialogs) and continue complying with the GDPR, we need to get rid of all the Google Analytics tracking we currently are using.

A replacement needs to be found that provides a decent level of information on the health of the system and the usage statistics without requiring the system to use additional cookies, so a good balance between usage measurement and privacy is found.

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cesar triaged this task as High priority.Tue, Jun 9, 11:15 AM
cesar created this task.
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I have removed the tracking code from the repositories as a first measure, as pages get updated, the tracking code should be disappearing. Now I need to find a proper replacement for the system health monitoring.