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CloudyNAS: issues with collisions in the uploads folder
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Affects rCNAS

Currently mitigated by manually changing the upload folder when the issue arises in a slave. The issue is not destructive, files will be written to replicas without issue, but one replica may be unable to do so. Changing the upload directory on the replica resolves the issue. It would be ideal if the replicas could write millions of files without the filesystem getting crashed by them.

PHP issues a file permissions exception and the file cannot be written to. I am assuming that the file system gets issues with allocation and can't write to the directory (I do not understand the cause) . Regardless of how often we try or the permissions of the file. The files never happen to exist.

The issue is serious, but delicate and not fatal at all.

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cesar triaged this task as High priority.Feb 15 2021, 10:24 AM
cesar created this task.

My suggestion for a fix would be to introduce a service provider into SF2020 that allows defining how data is sorted in the uploads directory so we can create a nested file structure that should resolve the issue.

Also, note on the diagnostics I made:

  • The drives are not out of space
  • The drives are not out of inodes.

It's just the specific filename that it does not wish to write to. Changing the filename resolves the issue.