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Extract reporting tool from YCH
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This is blocking our ability to remove the entire comment back-end from YCH. And is making it difficult to implement new websites without a dedicated reporting tool. To achieve this, CRM would need to be modified to provide the following:

  1. A consistent behavior for the create task page. Right now it's hard coded to submit to a certain person, but there's no logic to change this.
  2. The ability to add links to the tickets and to properly display embeds - this could be assigned as a task for, which should then extract the data from the URL
  3. Externalize the payment module - this could be a lower priority since it would only be disabled

With these out of the way we should be able to deploy a copy of CRM that manages support for the application.

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This probably depends on CRM being able to e deployed as a admin only tool:
My idea for this would be to replace the "artist" caption with operator, so a moderator can see this. And it probably would need the ability to have a single entry point that distributes tickets to the appropriate administrators.
One of the main issues is that CCRM would also need to be able to provide special data only to users who are operators (for example, the name of the person reporting an auction or picture should be hidden).
It should also allow to provide a boilerplate for the different report tickets, as well as accept a parameter with the link of the auction / page being reported.

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