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Modify the "Create task" behavior
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Currently CRM allows only to provide string with a username that is read by a hard coded piece of code which assigns it to the appropriate user. While this serves us well for environments like Commishes and the artists on it, it seems rather counter-productive when using it in an environment like a support desk system.

"Create task" should allow the following functions:

  • Defining which users are given which roles depending on which user is logged in and what string is given in the URL.
  • CRM should also allow to provide additional options to the user creating a ticket. These should be used by the system when assigning the users too.
    • These options could be provided by the environment.
    • It should be a select box (or several) that the application can use to map tickets appropriately

The idea here would be to rewrite the "create task" page completely, while keeping in mind goals for future projects.

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cesar added a comment.Jun 1 2020, 6:46 PM

The create task page will probably never be returning in it's former shape. While it is technically possible to create a programmatic solution to the issue of creating tasks, assigning the right people, notifying them, setting the right permissions and all of this without adding extra code, the reality is that it's much more likely that a system like this will use third party applications to help itself create these data sets.

The much more complicated task is now to manage the way the system is supposed to work whenever emails comes in. But in the case of the thread not being locatable, the system should probably assign this task to a god user (either human or bot) that takes care of managing the complicated and intricate connections between users and the task before handing it off.

cesar closed this task as Resolved.Fri, Jun 19, 3:58 PM

I decided to remove the interface to create a task completely in order to make the system more focused on being programmed.
With a simple SDK we should have an easier time just modelling an HTML template with a few basic components and then push the data to the server the way it's supposed to be .