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Introduce Environment::list
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(Probably will have to call it something like subtree due to the fact that list is neither the accurate term nor available)

The idea here is that Spitfire should be able to return a slice from a Environment "tree" when the user needs it. While the environment is technically not a hierarchical structure, many of the settings in it are organized. For example, when defining memcached settings we do something like this:

$e = new Environment();

$e->set('memcached.servers', 'localhost,,');
$e->set('memcached.port', '11211');
$e->set('memcached.prefix', 'myapp_');

This information is stored in a non-hierarchical fashion, but for a human it makes sense to assume that everything inside memcached. relates to the settings for the memcached server. While in most cases it makes sense to read the information sequentially, there's a few scenarios in which the code $e->subtree('memcached.') would make sense to extract all entries that start with the string.

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Is implemented in the current version of SF