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The domain is currently abandoned, but should not stay this way. Currently, giving a client a link to the homepage leads to a 403: Forbidden page, which is definitely not a good look. We need a simple page that does provide a decent placeholder while we work on a more elaborate solution that may take months.

The temporary site should include the following specs:

  • Content of the website should be written in German
  • Provide an accurate description of the services M3W provides.
    • Web development
    • Linux server management
    • Network administration for small companies
  • Include contact details like Twitter handle, phone number and email address
  • Include a brief about us section
    • Who we are
    • Philosophy
  • Include information about our workflow, development standards, etc.
  • Include information to learn more about our work
    • Fetch the links to our latest blog posts (see )
    • Include a link to our Phabricator instance, so people can understand our workflow (the section linking to phabricator should explain in detail what the software does)

You can use the site on as a starting point for your efforts. Nothing too fancy, but a decent starting point for people who wish to learn more about us and our work. I think this should all fit into a single page, allowing you to link to sections of the page.

Do you happen to have pictures we can use for the website? Or should we go and find some stock imagery?

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Would you be so kind and think about a philosophy text?

BTW. I'm going to upload the first draft of the website later today!

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The website is now live at: