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YCH: "My account": Separate "Auctions" from "Dashboard"
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Affects R14

Currently, the "My account" page seems unhelpful, is littered with data that is often worthless to the users, and seems clunky overall. I would like to introduce a dashboard page to YCH, where users could see the following:

  1. The state of their currently active auctions (which would be all auctions that are either running or have finished within the last 7 days)
  2. The state of their recent bids (which were placed within the last 15 days)
  3. Action items they have to resolve (for example, offers that require being accepted, bids that are not yet confirmed or open reports on their auctions)
  4. Updates for the YCH community (something like the stuff we're putting in the red banners on the homepage, but with history and a bit less looking like an error)

Sections that are currently not active could be collapsed to make the site feel more oriented towards the needs of each user. The site would include links to the user's bidding and auction history.

This addresses the following issues:

  1. Buyers do not see any value in the "My account" page.
  2. Artists have no up-to-date information and each auction "hides" the relevant information. The idea for a dashboard would be to "flatten" the data and make it more intuitive.
  3. We have a hub for pushing notifications to the user that affect sellers and buyers and keeps them up to date with changes we make.

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