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Porfolio. Can't see all artist's works
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I can't see where should I put Portfolio's bugs , so I will create it here. Sorry.

All of these links are not safe for work.

  1. I open random artists. For example
  2. Site says me he has 57 works.
  3. I count all works I see, but it seems there are only 36 items.
  4. I open next , site says me it is 30 works, but I could see only 19

Some tests:

Okay, let's just say an artist hide their works, but then I open and see 6 works in related block and some of them don't exist in . I could even open , which didn't appear in portfolio page and see other 6 works in related!

So there is one of two possible bugs:

  1. An artist hide their works, but they still appear in related art and on the counter on main artist's page
  2. There is some bug with , and it does not show me all works

And sometimes it works perfectly:

Posted on GitHub by nokitakaze

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