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CRM. Page titles don't look usable
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This is how the CRM looks like with many opened pages:

60918749-b8c49680-a29c-11e9-9119-8120c25f85c5.png (71×1 px, 7 KB)

This is how Wikipedia looks like in such a situation

60919369-35a44000-a29e-11e9-8d05-b82401250cbf.png (70×1 px, 10 KB)

All auctions have their own name ("LIFE SIZE PONY PLUSH!"), and we could read it in the title of the tab when an auction is going. So I think the CRM could use that title as a title for the "task" page. Do you copy this information, don't you?
I prefer titles like Auction title [artist username] — CRM Commishes for a client, and Auction title [commissioner username] — CRM Commishes for an artist. If a task doesn't have its own title (maybe it's a commission made with commission button) you could use just artist username — CRM Commishes.

The same goes for
All I see it's my username, label "in progress" and last message in the thread. I don't know which auction it is, when was that last message, who was the creator of this message (me or an artist) and who is an artist.

It is very unhandy.

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