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CRM. Middle and right click on a link in conversations with Mozilla Firefox
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I always set up many links in my references, but links on does not work correcly in Mozilla Firefox. They redirect user if he used middle or right click on a link. But it is very wrong way, because you are breaking user experience. Right click should open context menu, middle click should open link on other tab in browser

I know what are you trying to do, you are trying to hide reference URL because sometimes it contains unique seed
This is good decision, but you use wrong way to do it.

I just checked, middle/right clicks does not redirect me if I use Google Chrome. As I could see you use this to handle clicks.

if (document.addEventListener) { document.addEventListener('click', listener, false); }
else                           { document.attachEvent('onclick', listener); }

It means if I use middle/right click in Google Chrome, I will not use your /redirect/?url, so my URL will be seen as Referer: ...

In my ECM, where URLs contain family and given names of our clients I just fix all external url with JavaScript. In first my users go to /goto/XXXXXXXXXX (like /redirect/ in your system), and then to

In my ECM I use something like that

'use strict';

$(document).ready(function () {
    const r = new RegExp('^([a-z0-9]+:)?//');
    $('a[href]').each(function () {
        if (r.test(this.href) && ( !== {
            this.href = '/redirect/?url=' + encodeURIComponent(this.href);
   = '_blank'; // I prefer to open external link in new tab everytime

And so I just change all links in advance.

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