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Commission disappeared
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Platform: [desktop|mobile]
Operating system: [Android, Windows]
Browser: [Chrome]

What were you trying to do: going to opened commissions from my profile on ych.commishes

What was supposed to happen: showed my commissions as an artist on crm.commission

What happened: no commissions founded. Nor opened neither closed

54262059-5a9dd600-457e-11e9-9149-f0ba6d908a9c.jpg (589×720 px, 62 KB)

54262061-5b366c80-457e-11e9-9410-4be77d9c1bfc.jpg (441×720 px, 10 KB)

54262063-5b366c80-457e-11e9-95b3-fc7752b36f74.jpg (425×720 px, 11 KB)

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