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"Watch" button on Desktop lacks color
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Platform: Desktop
Operating system: Windows
Browser: Chrome

What were you trying to do:
Select the "Watch" button with the little heart next to it.

What was supposed to happen:
On the mobile version of YCH.Commishes, touching the "Watch" button turns the text noticeably green and the little heart turns red. This is a clear indicator to me that I'm watching the item and it will appear in my Watchlist.

What happened:
On the Desktop version of YCH.Commishes, clicking the "Watch" button does not change the color of the letters or the heart. If there is a change, it is very very hard to see. At that point, I can't tell if I am watching the auction or not. I think there is a particular bug that is not highlighting the "Watch" button when clicked.

If you could look into it, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

Posted on GitHub by TakaNeko13

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