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Inaccurate Auction Timers
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  • Platform: Laptop
  • Operating system: Windows 10 home
  • Browser: Chrome + Brave
  • URL: no specific auction; observed more than once
  • What were you trying to do: Trying to snipe, err I mean _bid_ in an auction, the timer would display roughly :20 seconds or more remaining but when bid info is entered the button would be non responsive until the time ebbed away. First time observed without an account; made an account specifically to try and avoid it and then encountered it again even on a different browser,
  • What was supposed to happen:

The bid should have cleared one would think unless another user bid the same / higher amount at the same time or seconds before hitting the button. This was not true in either case according to the bid history on display.

  • What happened:

Button for "Place Bid" is unresponsive until displayed (inaccurate) time finishes. Sadness ensues.

NOTE: May be related to Issue #13 but to my knowledge, my system clock is synchronized. I could be wrong or YCH could have a _slightly_ different (15 seconds!) server time. Though error is likely with my end, 2 friends have related the same issue to me though they simply accept it.

Posted on GitHub by MarshmallowTaffy

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