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Got both winning and losing emails after winning an auction
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Platform: Desktop
Operating system: Windows 10 Pro, Build 17134.407
Browser: Google Chrome

What were you trying to do: Placed a $20 bid on this item with about 7-10 minutes left in the auction, outbidding a $15 bid. Sniping protection was not enabled. No one else bidded.

What was supposed to happen: At the end of the auction, I would have received the two emails saying "You won the auction" and "[CRM] Your commission was created."

What happened: I got those two emails, but got a third email saying "You lost bidding on [item name by artist]!" Going to the original auction page, my bid was no longer visible. The original CRM still existed and I was able to arrange for payment and shipping with the seller, so the winner's identity is not the issue, only the glitch.

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