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Commishes: Copper
#commishes_copper, #copper

Major release planned for Commishes. This release contains the following:

  • Updated version of SF2020
  • YCH must support Chad
  • YCH must support multiple slots
  • Proper authentication support. All applications must be tracking R57
  • Proper permission support on all applications.
  • Proper switches support on all applications.
  • CRM must support the new architecture and be integrated with Chad and Billing through external services
  • Orbital station must be operational.
  • All services must support rMINIPROFILE properly
  • Services should be running on R9 for styles as much as possible
  • Services should be using laravel-mix for asset building

I am also striving to have a decent test coverage on the different projects, hopefully having a contract-testing mechanism in place, as well as some automated front-end testing.

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